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    The Transport Management System, ILS, Integrated Logistics Streamliner, enables the industrial shipper to manage his logistical flow from A to Z.  Every shipment creates an individual job file.

    Direct costing on transport movements is incorporated.  Every job cost may be evaluated against the suppliers offer.

    The milestone manager may be used to define key performance indicators, while the  business intelligence will report deviations on a crystal clear dashboard.

    The core modules are the job management ones.  They focus on the daily operational workflow and they are equipped with comfort improving tools.

    The Forwarding Assistant manages the business processes and defines the milestones.  He assists the user in the scheduling of his daily work.  But he can do more.  He is able to send automatic instructions, draw-up and send e-mails,  draw-up invoices and many other things, as could be expected from an efficient  robot.  Nearly any administrative task may be robotized.