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    A proven track record

    Stream Software was founded in 1997 with aim to develop high-tech software solutions for the logistics sector.
    Thanks to its quality solutions and intense cooperation with its customers Stream software has been able to grow to one of the market leaders in the niche of logistics and customs software in Belgium. Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxemburg constitute the strategic working area.

    Stream Software specializes in two fields : Customs related systems and logistics related systems.
    In the Customs field, the products range from basic electronic declaring systems to complex international customs warehousing with or without Inward and Outward Processing Relief and other special procedures administrations.
    In the logistics field, the products range from basic job monitoring systems for shipment management to entire ERP systems for customs agents and third party logistics providers.

    Some milestones

    2015: Stream Software breaks through in Luxemburg.
    2014: The Declarant Assist is born.
    2013: The electronic customs systems (E)ntry (I)into the (R)ecords and Extended Gateways are developed in cooperation with Belgian Customs and customers. The turnover exceeds 3 milj. Euro for the first time with a staff of 27.
    2012: Stream Software BVBA becomes Stream Software NV.
    The Board of Directors is expanded with 5 members of the management team.
    2011: Stream Software breaks through in the Netherlands.
    2010: The product suite is uplifted to a complete new technical level (V200 UniPaas).
    2009: The turnover exceeds 2 milj. euro for the first time with a staff of 17.
    2008: The first smart picking and smart declaring systems in action in the industry.
    2006: Stream Software launches full automatic customs warehousing systems for industrial use.
    2005: Stream Software offers the new Streamliner V9 solutions
    2004: Stream Software invests in the renewal of the complete business suite onto the new V9 technology platform
    2003: NCTS
    2002: The introduction of the Accounting Streamliner: The specialized accounting system for logistics.
    1999: The majority of the Antwerp Shipping Agencies work with GCA Streamliner.
    1998: Stream Software obtains first in the sector the ISO 9001 certificate.